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Clean Recovery

What could a clean economic recovery look like in Nova Scotia?
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Let’s get going on a clean economic recovery in Nova Scotia

By Scott Skinner, President & CEO of Clean Foundation for the Chronicle Herald, May 23, 2020

For people living with the COVID-19 virus, this is a personal health crisis. Sadly, for some families it has been a personal tragedy. We are also now seeing the havoc the pandemic has wrought on the economy, and this affects all Nova Scotians. Many are wondering what can be done in our province to kickstart an economic recovery that helps individuals and businesses get through this difficult time and survive — and hopefully thrive — on the other end.

The vast majority of Atlantic Canadians believe government actions to stimulate economic recovery should consider climate change


Market analysis was completed by Narrative Research between April 29 and May 17, 2020. Sample size = 1500, equally spread across all four Atlantic provinces. Margin of error 19 times out of 20 = +/- 2.5%.

Of the four Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotians responded with the strongest support for government to consider climate change during our economic recovery.



Everything is different now. What we once thought to be impossible, is possible. What was once absolute is now flexible.

Covid-19 is the most pressing threat we face today, and our political leaders have been rightly focused on our collective health. But after the pandemic has passed, the threat of climate change will still be with us.

There is an opportunity born of this crisis to create the jobs we need now during a recovery phase that can also help ensure long-term sustainability.

A clean stimulus package is no replacement for policies that address the systemic risk of climate change, but at this moment we can look for opportunities to create jobs, promote greater social equity, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


CBC Mainsteet interview

May 8th 2020 (10 minutes)

Clean staff Dave Ireland and Ecology Action Centre’s Raymond Plourde join host Jeff Douglas in a discussion on what a clean recovery might look like in Nova Scotia 

CBC Mainsteet interview

May 15th 2020 (10 minutes)

Returning to Mainstreet, Dave and Ray walk Jeff and the CBC audience through four shovel-worthy projects that would both kickstart the economy and protect the environment

Blog Series

Our staff and special guest writers will explore and digest the details of some of the most shovel worthy projects and initiatives that would ensure a sustainable future in Nova Scotia, and beyond.

This website will be updated frequently over the next four months with new content that responds to and builds on our communities’ best ideas.

Clean energy in the First Nations of Mi’kma’ki

Clean energy in the First Nations of Mi’kma’ki

As we look to jump-start an economic recovery in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we have an opportunity to create much-needed jobs in Nova Scotia and help meet our greenhouse gas targets. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels through cleaner energy will also help secure our energy future.

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In-home energy assessment team pivots to provide social support to vulnerable communities

In-home energy assessment team pivots to provide social support to vulnerable communities

Since 2015, the HomeWarming Program has been helping income-qualified Nova Scotians through energy efficiency and comfort upgrades. Devon Morrison, Customer Experience Specialist at Clean, and Kate Powe, Relationships and Development Officer with the United Way, highlight some of the creative ways in which the HomeWarming team pivoted to support local community organizations during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Cod and COVID: a discussion on workforce transitions in a time of crisis

Cod and COVID: a discussion on workforce transitions in a time of crisis

They both have deep family ties to Newfoundland. They both experienced the cod fishery collapse of 1992, one barely a teenager and the other an early career civil servant. They didn’t know each other at the time, but this shared experience helped shape both of their careers in workforce development and education in Atlantic Canada.

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Nova Scotia is a leader in financing for home clean energy

Nova Scotia is a leader in financing for home clean energy

Financing home energy projects can be very expensive and presents a barrier to green solutions. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs help homeowners make good environmental choices that actually saves them money. Sean Kelly, Director at Clean, writes about Nova Scotia’s leadership in this field and shares opportunities that can help you protect your home investment.

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More than scenic, Nova Scotia’s coasts are an economic driver. 

More than scenic, Nova Scotia’s coasts are an economic driver. 

Nova Scotia is defined by the ocean, we embrace the blue economy. How
can the restoration of our coasts drive economic activity and protect us from climate change? Charlynne Robertson, Manager of Clean Coasts,
and Erin Burbidge, Director at Clean, explore the power of nature and suggest concrete activities that will support a sustainable economy.

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We’ll be adding new content to this page weekly until September. The following is a list of themes we are particularly interested in.

Financing our energy needs • Mi’kmaq ways of knowing • Workforce development and training • Renewable energy • Education and our next generation • Electric vehicles and transportation • Long-range forecasting: the climate of the future

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Actions from our Partners

We Need A Healthy Recovery
Canadian doctors are asking for you to sign their petition demanding health be a priority as we restart our economy. 

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