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Ashley David

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Ship to Shore

Ship to Shore


The Ship to Shore program, funded by Fisheries and Oceans Small Craft Harbours, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, and the Resource Recovery Fund Board, began as a pilot project in 2008 with the aim of engaging Nova Scotia commercial fishers to address concerns regarding waste disposal practices at sea and the lack of waste management resources at fishing harbours. The program, now coordinated by Clean Nova Scotia, began as a grassroots initiative with founding members represented by the Marine Waste Management Committee.

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Program Coordinator Ashley David and fisherman Phillip Stuart in West Green Harbour (photo by Martin Hellmich)


Ship to Shore has reached over 70 fishing harbours and more than one thousand fishers through outreach and harbour waste assessments. Ship to Shore has received impressive support from stakeholders and was celebrated as the recipient of the 2012 Mobius Award of Environmental Excellence


Through volunteer efforts by filmmaker, Martin Hellmich, the Ship to Shore program developed a 15-minute documentary film. Through interviews with fishermen, the film demonstrates some of the challenges faced by the commercial fishing industry and showcases how members are making strides toward better waste management.


Watch the Ship to Shore film!