Clean Nova Scotia’s official mandate is ‘to inspire environmental change’  – in tangible terms this means we get our hands dirty. We restore streams and fish habitats, promote cycling, plant trees, make our schools environmentally sustainable, impart driving tips which will save you money and improve air quality, and now we are setting out to clean up every corner of this beautiful province. And this is our short list.


We lovingly carry out this work in order to:


  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Increase education about and mitigation of climate change
  • Reduce waste
  • Encourage the use of efficient and sustainable transportation
  • Encourage the stewardship of our watersheds


Clean Nova Scotia provides quality environmental education and information in Climate Change and Energy,  Community Engagement, Water, Waste and Transportation. Throughout our programming you will find several common themes:


  • We already have the answers to live in balance with the world around us
  • Change begins with individual responsibility and action and one small action can have an enormous impact
  • Personal health and the environment are inextricably linked
  • A healthier environment means a healthier economy for individuals and our province


For our long list,  please explore the program resources using the program navigation area above.