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Manage stormwater on your property

When it rains, it pours…but you’ll be ready


When it rains, water can’t soak into surfaces like driveways and roads – instead it runs off into streets and storm sewers, and takes with it a number of pollutants like oils, fertilizers, salt, dirt and garbage. Minor landscaping changes on your property can drastically help manage stormwater. Not only can you reduce the potential of flooding on your property, you can also harvest rainwater for your gardens. Reducing runoff can help minimize the impact on lakes and streams, and help encourage rainwater to soak into the ground to recharge our groundwater aquifers.





Check out our infographic below and click on each of the numbers to learn more about stormwater management techniques for your property.






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Cost Legend
$0 - $200
$0 - $350
$0 - $500
$0 - $1000
$0 - $2000+

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Lot Grading 1
Xeriscaping 2
French Drains 3
Tree Planting 4
Wet Ponds 5
Rain Gardens 6
Soil Enhancements 7
Rain Barrels 8
Trenches & Swales 9
Cisterns 10
Protecting Your Foundation 11
Redirecting Your Downspout 12
Green Roof & Green Walls 13
Replacing and Avoiding Hardscapes 14
Native Plants 15
Infographic Infographic

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Do you live in Yarmouth or the surrounding area?


The Yarmouth Stormwater Project is a community-based approach to stormwater management that aims to raise awareness of these excess stormwater problems. By engaging and educating the community through workshops, information sessions, demonstrations and one-on-one property consultations, we encourage individual actions to mitigate stormwater problems.