Make a Donation To:


  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • Remember a loved one
  • Honour a special place in Nova Scotia
  • Thank a teacher

You can support Clean Nova Scotia by making an individual donation. You may specify a program to support with your donation or simply donate to the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation.


We continuously look for new ways to inform, inspire, and enable Nova Scotians to make a difference. Your donation will help us carry out current programs and develop new ones.


You will receive a membership with your donation of $30 or more, plus a certificate if the donation is made in memoriam or as a gift. The Clean Nova Scotia Foundation is a federally registered charity (charitable #11922 7684 RR0001) and will provide a tax receipt for any donation.



Suggested Donation Scale:


  • $30 will cover a basic litter clean up kit
  • $50 will support a community-oriented initiative in which our staff are involved (past examples include a community garden project and Lake Banook clean-up effort)
  • $125 could support the restoration of a stream habitat
  • $250 (or any amount) could support our scholarship fund

To donate, either call 1-800-665-5377 or 902-420-3474 with your Visa or MasterCard number, or mail a cheque to:


Clean Nova Scotia
126 Portland Street,
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 1H8


Unfortunately, we do not have a secure server to enable us to receive donations online at this time.